When: September 6, 2017

Where: University of Saint Joseph, Macau SAR (China)

Number of participants: max 18 (previous inscription needed: Registration Form)

Registration Fee: € 50 / 430 MOP (per participant)

The MisB Kit is an open source building blocks kit that allows you to quickly build and animate physical objects without requiring any previous experience in engineering, coding or robotics.

The workshop will have a concrete goal (for example: build a cube and give it a certain character that is expressed by its movement), and it will involve an interdisciplinary team (artists, engineers, makers, designers etc.). There is also a common goal – the development and improvement of the kit. The MisB Kit Workshop at ARTECH2017 Macau will occur on the 6th of September and will be conducted by Samuel Bianchini, Filipe Pais and Didier Bouchon.

The kit has been developed in the frame of a bigger research project entitled The Behavior of Thingsconducted by Emanuele Quinz and Samuel Bianchini. This project is interested by the ways  everyday objects (tables, chairs or lamps) or simple abstract shapes (cubes, spheres, cylinders) can express a certain behavior through movement. How to give the impression that such objects hold a certain personality and act on their own and/or according to the surroundings ? How to design objects that disobey and misbehave ?
Through the development of quick prototypes of animated “behavioral” objects this kit also allows a practice-based research method that explores the potential of a misbehavior aesthetics. The MisB Kit is like a “high-definition” Lego, combining basic robotics – actuators such as servo motors, sensors and micro controllers (CM9 and Xbees), different structural elements covered by velcro and carbon sticks that are entirely compatible and extremely easy and fast to assemble.

For more information about the MisB Kit, please visit: http://misbkit.ensadlab.fr/misb-what/






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